How To check Aadhar Card Link With Bank Account

How to check whether Aadhaar Number is linked to Bank Account Online {Check Aadhaar Linking Status with Bank}: now day's aadhar card must be linked to your bank account so UIDAI is provided check whether Aadhaar Number is linked to Bank Account we have provided step by step details how to check aadhar card link with a bank account.
STEP 2: Enter your Aadhar Card Number(12 digits ) and fill captcha.
STEP 3: Click onCheck Status Button
finally, it displays if aadhar card is linking with aadhar.

Check Aadhar Card Update,Correction,Status Online

How To Check Aadhar Card Update|Correction Status Online: Once's we have to apply for Aadhar update request we should check aadhar card update request, so we have provided step by step details for Check aadhar update request.


STEP2: Enter Aadhar number(1234/5678/9101) and URN(Update Request number)

Note: RequsteYour URN number generated when you have applied for Request 
STEP3: Finally you could see it either your request is accepted or rejected

{PDF Password}Aadhar Card Password For Open Aadhar Card

What is Password for Open E-Aadhar PDF File:

When we have download E-Aadhar many people has to find difficulty to open this file but it's very easy to open this because we have nothing to do.UIDAI is provided encrypted file because of security concerns,

The password is the Postal code (Pin Code) of your consist of 6 digits like 123456

How To Update Aadhar Card,Correction,Change Aadhar Details Online

How To Update Aadhar Card, Correction, Change Aadhar Details Online: Unique Identification Authority of India(UIDAI) has government organisation which has officially right for change details of aadhar card.Aadhar Card is now needed on any government scheme so right now aadhar card has mandatory in India.
                                when we have applied for aadhar card that might be a chance your details has been incorrect so we want to change their details.Unique Identification Authority of India has also provided the online portal for change online details of aadhar card.we have provided step by step details Update Aadhar Card, Correction, Change Aadhar Details Online:

STEP 1:Open: Step 2: Enter Your 12 digits Aadhar Number(1234 567 8910) and fill captcha and click on Sent OTP button

Note: Your mobile number is must Register with aadhar for update aadhar details online(if your number is not registered so should go nearest aadhar centre and register …

How to Download e-Aadhar Online,Aadhar Card Download Online

How to Download e-Aadhar Online, Aadhar Card Download:government India has decided Aadhar card must require for the all the government schemes, nowadays Aadhar card is mandatory in India so the government of India has also provided facility for E-Aadhar card download, but many people have don't know how download e-Aadhar card, so We have provided full details step by step details about how to download Aadhar card online.

Thera are two way to download Aadhar Card Online
1.Download Aadhar card by UID(Enrolment Id)2.Aadhar card number

First of all, provide provided details about how to download Aadhar using UID(Enrolment Id)

Method 1: Download Aadhar card by UIDStep:1 Go to Official website
Step:2 Fill All the details 1.Enrolment ID(1234/12345/12345) and  date Time(01/01/1990 12:12:14) 

2.Fullname:(It must be matched with your Aadhar card) 3.Enter your six digits pin code(123456) 4.Enter captcha
5.finally enter your mobile number (must be registered with your Aad…