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How to Download e-Aadhar Online,Aadhar Card Download Online

How to Download e-Aadhar Online, Aadhar Card Download:government India has decided Aadhar card must require for the all the government schemes, nowadays Aadhar card is mandatory in India so the government of India has also provided facility for E-Aadhar card download, but many people have don't know how download e-Aadhar card, so We have provided full details step by step details about how to download Aadhar card online.

Thera are two way to download Aadhar Card Online
1.Download Aadhar card by UID(Enrolment Id)2.Aadhar card number

First of all, provide provided details about how to download Aadhar using UID(Enrolment Id)

Method 1: Download Aadhar card by UIDStep:1 Go to Official website
Step:2 Fill All the details 1.Enrolment ID(1234/12345/12345) and  date Time(01/01/1990 12:12:14) 

2.Fullname:(It must be matched with your Aadhar card) 3.Enter your six digits pin code(123456) 4.Enter captcha
5.finally enter your mobile number (must be registered with your Aad…